Wednesday, May 6, 2009

5-6-09; Terilynn's Trek: My 1701-A Coffee Mug Broke. Is it an Omen?

This morning my favorite Star Trek mug broke. I didn't drop it, it didn't shatter…it simply split in two as I poured my coffee into it. This isn't the first Trek mug I've had break – my father dropped my Star Trek: The Tour mug a few months ago. That bummed me out because there's no such thing as Star Trek: The Tour anymore, it split into two and became Star Trek: The Exhibition.

But this is the first time someone tried to tell me it was…

…an omen.

Okay. Wait. I'm laughing with you here. I don't believe in omens. Heck I don't believe in anything. I either know something or I don't know something. I am a skeptic. And the person who said this to me did say it tongue-in-cheek; but she went on to say that the breaking of my (NCC-1701-A) china cup was a sign that the old Trek was dead and that I would now be forced into purchasing a shiny new Star Trek mug with Christopher Pine's face on it.

I laughed and laughed and then I stopped short.

Oh crap! I thought. What if she's right? What if I can never get a replacement mug from TOS, TNG or even VOY or DS9? Pshaw! Of course I can – eBay has them all the time!

But then it hit me…would I feel comfortable drinking from said mug knowing it really was a collector's item now; that they may not be making more of them, that the market really will be flooded with Trek merchandise I don't want.

Don't worry. I chilled out. I know I'll be able to find a new Trek mug that I will want to drink from, I know it.

But the whole bizarre process brought to mind exactly what a lot of us Trekkies seem to be going through with the advent of the new film. We're a protective bunch and the new film has pushed a lot of us into a state where we feel that we're something akin to torch bearers – the group that will assure that the "real" Trek won't fade away in the face of the shiny, new iBridge of Abrams' Trek.

I know real Trek won't fade away. I'm confident that Trek, in all its forms, will continue. It's very likely that the new film will rekindle people's passions for the television shows they've loved.

And there'll be a run on TNG mugs.

OH CRAP!!! I've got to get to eBay!

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