Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lightspeed Follow up

So - while I posted my formal column about the recent Lightspeed Celebrity Charity event at Terilynn's Trek new home at AIRLOCK ALPHA, I had been asked to show the pictures that I actually had taken at the event - I'm only going to post the two - the one w/Frakes and the one w/Burton. Look at me! That's a squee wrapped up in a smile right there!

Yes. They were wonderful.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

12/1/09 A New Computer and a New Energy

Last week I finally broke down and bought myself a new computer. I went with a big ole laptop (18.4" screen - so it's a hefty muther) but it has pretty much everything I need.

I have actually found myself interested in playing the upcoming Star Trek Online. Yes - I'm over 40 - a girl - and I want to play an MMORPG. I needed a computer that could play this thing. So I went to the store and looked for a computer that would allow me to play the game.

Thing is? I must have blown away the sales guys by asking for a computer that could allow me to do this. Just to make sure, I had three sales guys on the net looking at the Star Trek Online website looking up the minimum spec requirements for the game. By the time I walked out of the store with my new comp - I think I sold three people on the game.

ST ONLINE - you owe me. :)

Now. I am waiting patiently until this game comes out - because I know I'm never going to be able to Beta - namely because I put in an application LONG before I bought a computer that would be able to handle it...sigh.

The screencaps for it are looking pretty cool too.

Oh well - February isn't that far away.

So I'm going to talk about this weekend - briefly. The Hubby and I are off to Orange County, CA for this year's Lightspeed Fine Arts Celebrity Charity Event.

I went to last year's event and had the time of my life. I'm really looking forward to this year's scheduled attendees as well as the auction. (I'm actually running around happily for finding out that Genie Francis is attending as well!)

I'll probably actually use it as the subject for my nextAirlock Alpha article which is due that following Monday - the 9th.

So - I'm gearing up to get a little more Trek in my life.

Now - if I could just find that muse that will allow me to start writing the rest of Heritage Book Two, I'd be MUCH happier. Bill (my main character) has been arguing with me for months now and I just don't want to give into his demands. Bastard. He's such a Riker.