Monday, May 4, 2009

5-1-09 ONE WEEK!

Sorry for the long absence! I have a new job that required travel and my mother's health is still a priority. However, I think I'll be back in the saddle now.


There's only one week to go! I have already purchased our tickets for the Thursday night showing at the local theatre in Albuquerque. At 7:00 pm I plan on being front and center of the Regal Cinema in Albuquerque, popcorn in my right hand, soda in the cup holder and a box of Red Vines in my left hand grinning from ear to ear.

I only hope that the stupid scare over swine flu doesn't play havoc with the public's willingness to go see a movie.

As much as I have concerns over this movie and its creator's lack of real comprehension about the sanctity of the characters that we have (some of us literally) grown to love, this movie NEEDS to succeed.

I know I'll always love "my" version of Trek better than this movie. I will always think that the "real" Uhura is better. I will always think that Roddenberry's vision of the future will always be better than the vision that Abrams is apparently putting forward in this flashy new film….but, this new movie really does need to do well. Not just for Paramount or Abrams or Orci and Kurtzman…but for the fandom too.

I really do believe the potential influx of new fans will spark HUGE debates. Personally, I anticipate being fully involved in those debates. But it might be the spark that's needed right now.

I'm not saying that the Trek fandom is dying. Oh hell no. Heck I just renewed my fandom just over a year ago! New young fans of the original series sign onto the forums frequently; but the one thing I have to say about Trekkies is…we LOVE to argue.

And personally I think this movie has given, and will give us PLENTY to argue about.

So…here's to the week ahead.

I'm sure I'll be blogging before the movie and after it. It may take me awhile to cogitate on the new flick, but I will.

In the meantime – buy your tickets!

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