Saturday, May 30, 2009

5-30-09 Just When I Thought it Was Safe

You know…just when I thought that it was finally all just calming down and the new Star Trek movie was going to settle in and letting ourselves concentrate on watching the rest of the unviewed Trek tales we have on DVD…crap like this makes its way across my laptop screen…

Here's the original source:

Ms. Saldana, it seems, is being interviewed to talk about rumors for the inevitable sequels that Paramount, JJ & gang have planned. But what's the focus of Ms. Saldana's interview?

Who her character will be sleeping with next…


Pascale chose a few juicy tidbits from Crocker's article and used them for the article – just to give his "readers" some things to froth about – "Could Spock be getting the shove???" the picture asks.


When did turn into Tiger Beat Magazine?

There were no questions about Uhura's strength of character. (Well, really – I guess it is difficult to come up with a question about a supposedly rich character when really all she did was use a foul mouth, strip to bra and panties, sleep with her professor – use ….okay I'll stop…)

Ms. Saldana was quoted as saying that Abrams creates amazing roles for women (frankly I have yet to see how Uhura is an amazing character, but I'll leave that here for the moment) and agreed with Mr. Crocker's interpretation that Abrams didn't "fear" putting her in a mini-skirt.

This? This is an intelligent interview?


Pardon me…what phloxing Hollywood producer FEARS putting a gorgeous woman in a mini-skirt? Only suckers think JJ's being brave here.

This had to be the dumbest interview ever.


And I'm pretty disappointed that Mr. Pascale seems to have lowered his site by using the three lousiest questions from the lousiest interview of Zoe Saldana ever written just to pander to the lowest common denominator and get a few people to drop by the site.

But – Mr. Crocker…you sir…really need to learn how to interview. Those questions were pathetic and not uncommonly insulting to Trekkies/Trekkers by making assumptions that we would be "freaky" around Ms. Saldana. Your interview did nothing to reflect that Ms. Saldana has talent beyond being pretty or a sex object on or off the screen.

You see – everyone talks about how Saldana got a great role of a strong woman…but they don't let Ms. Saldana explore the reasons WHY that may be!

So I will ask her myself.

In the hilariously ridiculous chance that Zoe Saldana would ever read this blog…I have one question for her:

Ms. Saldana; Please tell me and the rest of the world, what is contained in your portrayal of Nyota Uhura as someone that not just young women, but young people should look up to?

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