Thursday, October 1, 2009

A different sort of place

This area will be renamed now that Terilynn's Trek has moved to Airlock Alpha. I'll use this spot to be more of a personal blog now...and fill it with stuff that will be less Trek and more me. I'll be posting Terilynn's Trek article twice a month at Airlock Alpha The next article is set to go on October 7th!

In the meantime - this gives me a place to talk about other stuff now - and two things that I want to talk about is BOOBIE WEDNESDAY and VIRTUAL DRINKING SKEPTICALLY.

Boobie Wednesday was created by two women on Twitter (you can follow me at @TerilynnS)namely @honey_is_evil and @shimmer418 who decided to have a little fun while spreading information about breast cancer.

Having lost a sister-in-law from this horrific disease as well as knowing FAR TOO MANY women and at least one man who suffer from its affects, I decided to participate.

While I have always supported the Susan G. Komen Foundation, I really like the quirky, and quite frankly EFFECTIVE way these women have decided to get into the act.

Every Wednesday participants change their Twitter avatar to one that "shows their boobies." This ended up being really fun, and damn - if it didn't start getting the guys in on it! I had to laugh. I started changing my avatar on 9/23/09 and I will every Wednesday from now on. While I don't really "reveal" anything - my breasts are totally covered for the avatar - it's a pretty eye-catching pic I don't mind saying. :)

The second thing is a group that a new Twitter friend @briandgregory called VIRTUAL DRINKING SKEPTICALLY.

For those of you who may know me (or couldn't tell from the big A on the side of my blog) I am an atheist and also a "skeptic." A skeptic - at least by my definition - is one that supports critical thinking. That's it. Critical thinking.

To me that means using the brain I was born with and cutting through the bullshit that surrounds us all. From paranormal bullshit, to the bullshit of using sugar pills to cure oneself of a real medical condition - I have been seeking the company of others who share a passion for truth.

There are Official Drinking Skeptically groups that meet all over the place and I have always wanted to join in on one - but two things always kept me from doing so - my physical location and time to be able to go when I'm near a meeting. Virtual DS has been the wonderful answer to my desire to meet other skeptics in a casual environment to talk about the raft of issues skeptics are faced with. We all meet ONLINE in a video chat room! We all get to talk, socialize and better yet...drink without having to drive anywhere!

If you're interested - click on the link above and join us! It's very fun!

Well all - off to work again. Please look for Terilynn's Trek on Airlock Alpha and support Boobie Wednesday and come drink with us during the next Virtual DS! Look forward to meeting you!