Thursday, February 5, 2009

2-5-09 She's Off Again - Target - Pocketbooks

This is going to be a chore. SPOILER ALERT!!!

I can’t seem to bring myself to pick up “A Singular Destiny” to finish it. My gut is telling me to take it, along with the Destiny Trilogy and every single TNG featured book all the way back to Death in Winter (Exception – Q&A) and mail them back to Pocketbooks to say:


They’re getting more and more desperate and it shows. Ever since Picard jumped in bed with Crusher – TNG Pocketbooks have jumped the shark.

They’re just appalling. And now to make another “point” they’ve killed off another Voyager character…

What. The. Hell?

If I were a Voyager fan I’d be spitting nails. Hell, I’m spitting nails now and I’ve only seen a dozen Voyager episodes!

Pocketbooks is wasting the talents of people like K.R.A. DeCandido and David Mack by asking them to tear down the very fabric of the Starfleet and the UFP just so they can make it into the image of…


Battlestar Gallactica.

Well how-de-frickin-do!

I bet Moore is just filled with supreme ego-puffing joy now that he’s got Star Trek businesses trying to make their franchise more like his.

I’m disgusted. I’m angry and I’m not sure what it will take for me to pick this book back up and finish it to review.

At least with the Mirror Universe books, there’s a reason to see your favorite characters get offed BEGIN SPOILER Riker’s death in MU: Shards and Shadows was especially funny and intensely gratifying for me END SPOILER but I’m beside myself with fury over what Pocketbooks has done to the once beautiful and hopeful place universe that Star Trek used to be.

Somebody buy me a bottle of wine when they come out with the book where the Borg return and they start raping people or disemboweling them as they search for their “Earth.” Because at this rate – that book will be out by next year.

So – yeah, the formal review of this book might take awhile. I’ll have to have an empty stomach to pick it up again.

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