Wednesday, February 18, 2009

2-19-09 Terilynn's Trek: And now for Something Completely Different: A FAN FIC UPDATE

I'm happily in the midst of reading one excellent example of fanfiction - and a total oasis of Trek goodness compared to the tediousness of the recent "official" books that have come out.

I've only done one fan fiction post before and while I will get to pitching a site here in short order, I wanted to give my immediate happy support to Star Trek: Gibraltar.

ST: Gibraltar, written by Sam Redfeather is a damn fine example of a Trek fan's attention to detail and creativity within canon. Admittedly, it's a post Dominion War tale so canon is pretty much wide open for him, but so far, I've been impressed.

He wisely surmises that Cardassia would be in post-war hell and the UFP/Starfleet along with the Klingons are in full-force humanitarian relief efforts. Build on top of that the assumed political barriers and throw in a "dusted off" 80 year old Constellation-class starship filled with a mediocre crew (some reservists no less!) and you've got yourself a fun tale.

So fun in fact - I put down "A Singular Destiny" and began to read this book in earnest. I highly recommend it.

You can find it here: - where Gibraltar is being posted chapter by chapter...or you can find it here: - in its entirety - along with United Trek's affiliated works! (United Trek just sounds similar to this site - but is an amalgam of related works, a universe unto itself and I'm looking forward to reading more about some of these characters and places!)

The second thing I had to push was Ad Astra - a completely new Trek-based fan fiction archive that rose up from the unfortunate loss of the HopeStation archive (where Gibraltar once called home.) This site is looking for readers, writers and reviewers! So if you're looking for another source of quality fanfiction...give it a try! It seems to be pulling in some great material from TU, United Trek, OSBBS, and TrekBBS already!

And one last plug - Kirok of L'Stok (and others!) worked TIRELESSLY to produce this year's Twelve Trek Days of Christmas - a 12 piece celebration of ALL SORTS of fan productions from Fanzines to paper models to computer wall papers! Just because it's February doesn't mean these works are expired! Please support this effort and take a look for yourself! (It just so happens you can find Star Trek Gibraltar in ebook format (downloadable to .pdf) along with several other great ebooks as well!)

One thing's for sure lately, as opposed to Pocketbooks' material, when I read fanfiction my blood pressure drops. (HEY SAM! Ramirez? SHE ROCKS!!!! You should teach others how to write strong, interesting yet fallible females!)

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