Friday, February 13, 2009

2-13-09 Terilynn's Trek; And the Hits Just Keep on Comin'!

SPOILER ALERT for those of you who read Pocketbooks. I hate the red lines and frankly - I'm so sad I don't care if I tick a few people off by giving away plot lines....because IMHO the plot lines SUCK.

Okay - this is to add onto my most recent rant about how women are treated in Trek.

Apparently if you're a strong female character and never wore the catsuit in canon - you're no good for Pocketbooks. They can't work with your character because they don't know how to write you. You don't have a LOT of stereotypical traits they can pigeonhole you into so what do they do? They kill you off.

So - now that Janeway AND Torres are dead (along with her baby) the troop of mostly male writers are now left with:

Annika (because the 7 of 9 moniker died with the Destiny Trilogy) - The catsuit Queen herself.

Troi: Pregnant (all of her sequences in the Destiny Trilogy really revolved around her own stupid self-centered worry over the failing pregnancy and although she was the first contact officer and went on the away mission against medical advice I was freaking thrilled when Ree bit her. She didn't learn anything from it, but damn it made me happy. The dues ex machina miracle of the Caeliar saved her pregnancy and she's now free to return to Titan...where I'm curious as to how she will be portrayed in Over a Torrrent Sea. Knowing PB - they'll make sure that she places her ship in jeopardy over the pregnancy once more.

Crusher: Is now officially the dumbest Trek character ever. Her whole life revolves around JLP and their unborn son (she's 58! He's 77!) and her HOVERING is so insanely annoying that I'm surprised JLP hasn't offed her himself. OMG how did these two supposedly marry each other? Over croissants and scones? AAAAAAHHHHH!

Dax, Ezri: I liked her in the Destiny Trilogy. She starts to grate on me in A Singular Destiny. I'm going to hold off more opinions on her. She has the potential to be redeemable.

Who else from canon is there now?

No one.

No female character from canon is left.

Why does Pocketbooks think that women don't read their books or worse - think that women want to read about babies and whiny-assed women?

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