Tuesday, February 24, 2009

2-24-09 Fat Tuesday and LeWar!

All right. I have broken down into hysterics lately over Michael Ian Black's attempts to gain as many Twitter followers as LeVar Burton. By joining Twitter and finding out that LeVar had over 33,000 followers, MIB has declared "LeWar" on LeVar and is trying every trick in the book (or is that every Twick in the book?) to get his numbers to increase.

And I've split a side over the results. LeVar is too cool for words while in true MIB fashion, Black has resorted to letting his masses choose their own titles. (I actually shuddered when I thought someone would choose "concubine.") And to date there's been no comment from Brent Spiner or Wil Wheaton, the latter of which Black has been trying to sway to "his side." In any event - it's been hilarious. If you're not on Twitter - join up to follow this amazing war of nothingness.

They're talking about t-shirts now. I want one. Badly. To go with my new bootz.

Oooh - LeVar has said he's making new Reading Rainbow t-shirts. Okay - I want one of those too.

To access these guys... http://twitter.com/wilw (Wil Wheaton) http://twitter.com/levarburton (LeVar Burton) http://twitter.com/michaelianblack (MIB) and http://twitter.com/BrentSpiner (Brent Spiner) of course.

You're also welcome to follow me - although I'm nowhere near as funny. http://twitter.com/TerilynnS

And yes - TU also is on there... http://twitter.com/TrekUnited

You can also read more on Dennis Rayburn's column on Roddenberry.com! http://www.roddenberry.com/communityblogs/index/detail?id=99

Happy Fat Tuesday everyone. Hope you get the baby in your slice of King Cake. :)

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