Friday, March 6, 2009

3-6-09: Terilynn's Trek: STXI's New Trailer and Feelings of Betrayal

Just in case you don’t want to know what is happening in the new movie or in the comics or in the novelization of the movie – don’t read my blog. I refuse to litter it with blinding red spoiler tags. Fair warning given.

Holy crap!

What the hell am I supposed to do? How am I supposed to react? How the hell am I supposed to deal with the new Star Trek XI trailer?

I’ve never been so heartbroken and thrilled at the same time. I’ve never wanted to cry so hard and yet scream with joy like this before.

I recently posted something similar to: If I ever meet JJ Abrams I won’t know whether to kiss him or spit in his face.

You see, I hate him. I hate Orci and Kurtzman and Abrams for what they’ve done to the Trek I’ve known and loved my whole life. And yet? I adore what they’ve done in the new trailer. The movie looks beautiful. It looks exciting and it looks fun. (I still think a few of the lines are beyond dreck – the scene where Kirk takes command is lame beyond belief – but it’s possible that out of context within the trailer, it just falls strangely wherein the movie it might play better – one can only hope.)

I have perused the forums and have laughed over the pure orgasmic reactions from most of the fanboys. I’ve handed out towels actually.

But not everyone is happy. Including me. Wait – hear me out.

Recent plot lines have some to light and the release of the cover of the Star Trek novel to go along with the movie reveals that in the original timeline (the timeline where TOS, TNG, DS9 and VOY canon exists) Romulus is destroyed. This is the impetus for Nero’s wrath and his reasons for going back in time for revenge.

So – now that Orci has confirmed that Nero actually creates a new timeline when Nero travels back – we have to assume that Romulus STAYS destroyed in the original timeline. I think that’s beyond screwed up. Everything about the canon I’ve grown to appreciate about Trek has now been left for dead with Romulus. I’m horrified, sickened and angry with this. No one will ever be able to make Trek canon in this timeline again and Orci made sure that it would be almost impossible. It’s just a blow to fans – it’s no different from destroying Qo’Nos or the home planet of any other canon species that faired such a pivotal role. It also is a cheap Trek novel trick – something I have complained about months ago when it seemed like every Pocketbooks novel I read had a planet blowing up. Pathetic. I hope Rommie fans rise up in ire.

But then the third trailer comes out and I actually found my heart starting to pound a little more. The effects are MINDBLOWING. This is visually the most thrilling trailer I have ever seen. I can’t wait to see how all of these amazing effects finally get to reveal themselves! I have a really bad feeling about the acting – but I will wait to see if it improves in the film. It might just be the dialogue writing that seems so cheesy…I hope there’s better lines in this film than this.

So I feel like what I’m left with is a broken heart and the keys to a shiny new car.

I feel like Abrams and Company killed my one-true love with a quick cut of the throat and then had the most gorgeous hunk of man standing in front of me with a smile.

I know I could never love him the way I loved the one they killed…but I won’t say no if he asked me to sleep with him.

I feel so dirty.

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