Friday, March 13, 2009

3-13-09 Terilynn's Trek; DS9 is to be Savored

Hey, guess what! NO RANT! I know! Weird isn't it?

Over the course of the last week I've been nose-down into work and eyes tuned to disc after disc of DS9. What a relief! REAL Star Trek! Great story lines, wonderful acting.

Sure, there've been some real turds – but what version of ST doesn't have its stinkers? (Shades of Grey or Up the Long Ladder anyone?) But having the opportunity to pull myself away from the increasing din of STXI stuff has been a true gift.

I really like Sisko. Still not sure how a 3-pipper got the job when I always understood admiralty commanded space stations – but I've grown used to the idea. He's made some baaaaad decisions granted, like the episode where he lets his Maquis friend go. That ticked me off to no end, but I've learned a lot of patience after watching 4 seasons of Archer make some crappy decisions too.

Yet, I have come to savor each and every episode. They are, for all intent and purposes, new to me. This is all NEW Trek to me and although I still have 7 more season of Voyager to watch after these, they're all just so much fun.

I know we're about to get an influx of Trek that we're not used to - a new imagination of Trek brought to us by people who didn't grow up with the Trek we knew. I can't say it doesn't look it exciting, because it does! I'm the biggest sucker for popcorn flicks that ever lived! But I know it won't be the same.

So with every "new" episode of DS9 that I watch, I feel excitement and yet a little bit of melancholy – because I'm one episode closer to not having any new "real" Trek.

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