Monday, March 2, 2009

3-2-09 Terilynn's Trek: Recommended Just for You - Cold Medicine

I have the worst cold ever.

I just signed off my computer for work and decided to take a couple of NyQuil just so I could breathe again.

Then I jumped over to Amazon to do a little browsing.

You know, there’s something wholly right with the world when I can confuse something like iTunes or’s “recommendations for you” program.

You know - those programs the sites have that recommend something for you based upon your past purchases or even viewing patterns?

I love these things. I love making them work hard. I would love nothing more than getting a phone call one day from Amazon saying… “Uhmmm…do you mind not shopping with us for awhile until we can put out the fire in our server?”

Hee hee hee.

But what I love more, is being able to shop online…in public places. I can show of my unique recommendations page to total strangers who, upon glancing at that page will be utterly confused by those recommendations and think to themselves…WTH? What a freak!

Today had to be my favorite recommendations page…ever.

Under books, I was recommended Inkdeath (Fantasy); Star Trek: The New Frontier – Treason (Sci-fi of course); Second Chance Pass (Romance); The Waterhole (Childrens); The Best of Gay Erotica (yes…you read that right, GAY EROTICA) and The Tales of Zorro. (I have no clue why…maybe because I bought Zorro: The Gay Blade a few months back.)

Under music, I was recommended the soundtracks for Doubt and The Pledge; The Captain and Me by the Doobie Brothers, The Essential Toto; and 1980s Radio Hits…

…and out of the freaking blue…a 10 inch sharpening steel for knives.

I loved that.

It made me want to write a Mirror Universe parody where Uhura walks into the scene in her two-piece kick-ass MU uniform; she pulls a blade from her right boot then leans down and pulls out a 10-inch sharpening steel from her left and draws her blade against it before plunging the knife into Kirk’s back - who couldn't hear the knife being sharpened because of his horrible head cold.

Don’t know why I thought this was so funny.

I blame the NyQuil.

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