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Terilynn's Trek: 4-2-09 Fan Productions Featured in 12 Trek Days of Christmas

I've been a member of Trek United since late 2007. Right when I joined there was a very interesting thread called the "12 Trek Days of Christmas." It's a non-profit/free download fan production event organized by Trek United's own Media Master, Kirok of L'Stok (Kirok for short. ;) ).

At the time, I read through the thread and (you have to understand how utterly naive I was then) was shocked to find out that not only was I not alone in writing my own fiction revolving around Star Trek...but that there MANY others doing the same! But they weren't just writing Trek! They were filming Trek, making audio dramas with Trek, building models and props, computer art, role playing, paintings, drawings, you name it!

I was agog.

Seriously! I was. I had NO CLUE that there was a vast community of people who created everything possible using Star Trek as their foundation. I had never felt such a sense of relief before. I seriously thought I was whack for writing stories with Star Trek characters. To see that others were not only doing the same, but many of them made such amazing and professional-quality productions it made me itch to get better at my own writing.

12 Trek Days of Christmas
features a different type of fan-made production every day of its twelve day run around the holiday/New Year season. Last year's run was incredible - paper models, eBooks, audio dramas, fanzines! Oh it was so great! Here! Take a look!

Well - This year, Kirok seems to be taking the bull by the horns early and is hopeful that 2009's 12 Trek Days of Christmas will be sure to excel over last year's!

If you are remotely interested in seeing your work highlighted in 2009's 12 Trek Days of yourself a favor and review these threads:

Re: Audio Drama;

If you're a writer and have a quality piece of work and would like it converted to eBook format, Kirok has recruited the talented Steff Watson to oversee the Fan Fiction Day portion of the 12 Trek Days. Here's Kirok's most recent post:

... and so it begins!

I have total faith in Steff Watson and the crew that she has assembled at Ad Astra to handle the fan fiction stream of the 2009 Trek Days of Christmas. Ad Astra has now placed itself at the cutting edge of turning top quality fan fiction into beautifully formated eBooks that can be read online or downloaded and read off-line.

The Twelve Days thread on the Ad Astra forum HERE is the official hub for the overall organisation of the fan fiction stream. TrekUnited Publishing will be submitting at least one, maybe two ebooks as our contribution to help the Fan fiction stream be the outstanding success I'm sure it will be!


Kirok of L'Stok
Director of Publications and Media, TrekUnited

Now - Kirok has many other types of features planned, so if you're an artist, a film maker, a gamer...please feel free to join in the preliminary discussion thread at Kirok's Google Group: Preliminary Discussion: (It's important to note that this is open to ALL fans - not just members of Trek United or Ad Astra!!! So if you're a member of TrekBBS, The Omega Sector BBS, or no forum at all - your work would still be considered! Although to post on those forums/groups registration would be necessary.)

He's got sub-groups forming for each type of production that will be featured, so jump in and see what he's looking for to determine if your work can get a spot in the limelight!

The Star Trek fan production community never ceases to amaze and excite me. I hope you take the time to join in the fun. But even if you're not the type to create something Trek-based, do yourself a real favor and watch, listen, read and support the fan-production community! You'll be very surprised at the amazing depth of quality work that lies at your fingertip - and all for free!

Have a great day everyone!

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