Tuesday, April 7, 2009

4-7-09 Compare STXI to Legos? Sure. Why Not?

So after reading about the surprise screening of Star Trek XI in Austin last night, I had to initially come to terms with my own raging jealousy. I am a geek of true form let me assure you, but I wasn't about to fly to Austin to see 10 minutes of a film just to have it followed by a movie I've seen a hundred-zillion times (The Wrath of Khan.) As much as it would have been a ball to hang with a room full of people who are just as geekified as I am, I just couldn't justify the expense and the days off work.

Now I'm kicking myself.

Oh well. I'll have to settle for the reviews from two countries as opposed to the one I thought I was only going to get from the hand-selected reviewers who attended the Sydney opening.

So far it seems - they all seemed to have at least enjoyed the film. Reviews are positive. That's good. Really, that's not unexpected either - Abrams isn't an idiot in terms of Hollywood marketing. There's no way they would have let this film out of the can a MONTH before its wide release date unless they didn't think they were going to get positive buzz, and it looks like they're getting it too.

My fears about trashing of canon also appear to be true however. And that still saddens me more than anything. Everyone who has seen the movie says - It's a WHOLE NEW TIMELINE....Yep. It's Star Trek AU.

So... there it is. Paramount has left the Trek we know and love like a bin full of leftover Legos. Paramount went out and bought the new set and they don't want to play with the ones in the bin anymore.

I do look forward to seeing the movie. I mean - who can resist playing with the new set of Legos? I mean really?! Who!? But when I go to the Lego Store, the first place I head for is the big table with the bin full of loose blocks and begin to play with those. The new sets are too small and expensive and it takes a considerable investment to grow a collection.

I've invested into that other bin - the big bin with 40 years of Trek blocks and they still have an infinite number of ways to be put together! Sure, I'll watch Abrams play with his new set...but my heart tells me that I'm the one with the cooler toys.

Thanks to Captain_Hair and his excitement over the opening of a new Lego Store in his neighborhood for providing me with my inspiration for today's blog.

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