Thursday, October 7, 2010

All Hail....

Since when did we become such horrific people?

Over the course of the past couple days I’ve read news stories that have really shaken me to my core. To say that my patriotism has taken a couple of hard blows is putting it mildly.

Since when have the American people become so heinous?

When did we as a society say that oaths were merely empty promises that were okay to ignore?

We utter oaths to a banner. We utter oaths to the air, but if we don’t put effort behind those promises, how can we as a people say we stand for something when we obviously don’t?

A family had their home burn to the ground over the non-payment of a $75.00 fee.

Firefighters – who took an oath to place their own lives on the line to protect lives and property – shunned that oath when they decided they feared losing their jobs more than helping someone in need.

This is shocking.

This is terrible.

This is more than just heartbreaking – it’s the proverbial canary in a coal mine.

When we are so beaten that we would rather break a promise to a fellow human being than to suffer the consequences of decision we know in our hearts is wrong, we’ve lost.

We’ve lost what it means to be American – the home of free and people who are willing to help a neighbor to assure a strong democracy and the betterment of all of its citizens…

Not just those who can afford $75.00.

All hail the Great American Citizen …

… just don’t ask them to help you when you’re in need. All you’ll get is a fistful of empty promises and a swift kick in the teeth.

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  1. We have Forgotten ourselves, that is to say we don't have the mindset of the individual anymore, we live to be like mike if you will to keep up with the Jones' to be with the in crowd, in power, in charge, in style, in fame. (A point is coming just wait for it...) in this time of fear an especially uncertainty, a lot of us like you are shaken , cut to the bone, our beliefs are laid bare and found wanting, so we latch on to the first charismatic idea that alleviates the fear, we attach to, and often we augment or abandon those mental checks and balances to ease our minds, now if it becomes a collective idea , one that is popular it become "right" no matter how wrong it truly it, because popular is always equated with the right thing, instead of the "Right NOW" thing it actually is. This law went into place to help the county, but this was probably such an unlikely scenario no one thought about it and it passed as a law. Caveats anyone? served with crow and some sour grapes....