Friday, July 10, 2009

7-10-09 Megan Fox - A Cause or a Symptom?

I told you all in the last blog that Megan Fox, the hot starlet from Transformers 2 and several upcoming films, was a personality that was worthy of dedicating an entire blog post to…

Well she is.

She is that one enigma that both infuriates me and causes me to wonder whether or not I actually admire her.

She's gorgeous. She's smart. She definitely knows exactly what she's getting herself into and she's vocal about it; but I can't figure out if her career is a consequence of Hollywood's cesspit mentality or an ongoing reason for its continued existence.

I think it's both actually.

Ms. Fox was recently (a few weeks ago actually) given the opportunity to become the latest cover and interview focus for Entertainment Weekly magazine. I read the entire article three times.

She describes herself and all women and their sexuality as being "commodities" in Hollywood and she's only doing what she needs to do to be successful. And she's really successful, that's for sure. She also surmised that the reason why a lot of women hate her is because they must be jealous of her.

Now I will admit I wasn't born with the genes that make her so beautiful. So sure, I'm totally envious of her looks and how they give her the ability to make crap loads of money. But jealous? I don't think so. I can tell you I have a little more self-esteem than to crave to be her or worse, having to be in her shoes…and here's why: (thanks sevnson71)

It seems as though Michael Bay – the director for Transformers 1 & 2 required Ms. Fox to "audition" for her RECURRING role in the sequel by making her wash his car. And of course, he filmed the "screen test."

Michael Bay can try to call that an "audition" all he wants to and it really does prove Ms. Fox's statement that Transformers 2 was NOT about acting – because it's pretty clear her "audition" was not about her showing her acting talent, just her ability to do a Paris Hilton on Michael Bay's wet Ferrari.

I don't know who to feel sorrier for - Megan Fox because she's right; extraordinarily gifted actresses who do not posses a 22 inch waist line or women in general because we have to deal with guys like the ones who are commenting on that auto blog linked above.

It's disheartening really.

Ms. Fox: I have to say I really do appreciate your candor. I really do. You call it just like it is. It's honesty seldom seen in Hollywood. You actually know that you're selling yourself for money - just like every woman on the corner of Fair Oaks and Orange Grove. You're just prettier and you get paid a hell of a lot more than they do.

I've known a lot of hookers – I even liked a few of them. (I worked in a jail by the way.) There were even some that seemed pretty comfortable with themselves too and made no excuses for their lifestyle. They keep a lot of men off the street and busy for a couple of hours...just like your movies do. ;)

And you know what? I'm not jealous of them either.

I just feel like asking you to do one thing...just one thing...why don't you gain just a little more self-respect and next time some richardhead like Michael Bay tells you that he's not sure you're sexy enough for his film (when it's incomprehensible that you aren't) – would you do me and the rest of the world a favor and just kick him in the nards?

I'll contribute to your defense fund!

To everyone else...I would love to hear your answer to my question -

Megan Fox and actresses like her - are they merely victims trying just trying to get a break - or by allowing themselves to become objectified are they contributing to the continued subjugation of women in the entertainment industry?

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