Saturday, January 31, 2009

1-31-09 Hello and Reboot

Well Hello!

For those of you who may follow me over, I've decided to run my blog simultaneously here and at TrekUnited to see if I can increase my readership and open my blog up to more discussion.

If you've never read my blog before, here's a clue - it IS about all things Star Trek. tends to revolve around my opinions, musings, moaning, griping, ruminations and pondering about life with a Trek twist.

Lately I've been beefing about JJ Abrams' new film (catchy title here - so don' t be overwhelmed) Star Trek, but I've also been known to yak about other things.

I am a sprung-from-the-closet Trekkie - "reborn" as it were in the middle of 2007 when I experienced a down day during a long and grueling road trip for work. A wonderfully enlightening and engaging conversation with an attorney I work with surrounded how we could have improved upon several female characters within Trek, our main target being what we dubbed "pre-season 5" Deanna Troi. Well, one thing led to another - my bad day turned into a "secret" hobby of writing Trek-based tales which turned into lurking on Trek forums which eventually led to my admissions of Trekkieness to my Husband. I then actually began to post some of my fiction to said forums and recently issued my first fanfiction novel in eBook format. Called Star Trek: Heritage Book One - A Break With Tradition it can be found here:

I began to blog in late 2007 on TrekUnited as the "The Convention Virgin" as my Husband and I planned to attend our first sci-fi convention. For over six months I blogged about my excitement and then ultimately - my extreme disappointment when the convention we had flown to - FedConUSA - folded on its first morning due to inadequate funding.

I will continue to post my blog at Trek United, because the people there have been very, very supportive of me. They are my friends and asked me to stay, knowing that I would be very angry with one of that site's founders - who was involved with FedConUSA's failure. TrekUnited has proven to me that it's more than just the founder - as a matter of fact TrekUnited is simply a wonderful group of people who enjoy talking to each other and reveling in our own geekness.

But I also call another forum my home - The Omega Sector BBS (TrekCore's forum) was the first place I ever felt comfortable enough to post my fiction and it continues to be my best source of creativity. I call it my "bunny" factory. Some of my favorite fanfiction writers hang out there.

I also joined as a member to support GLBT sci-fi and horror fans as well as to get the most up-to-date dirt on all things sci-fi, horror, gay and hey...I admit it...sometimes I think the guys they show are darned good-lookin' !

In any event - Terilynn's Trek has found a more stable foundation here. I don't blog daily - only when the mood hits me...that's every few days or so (although sometimes I go on a rage and blog a few times in a week!)

I plan on continuing on with my views about watching Deep Space Nine. We recently bought the DVDs and I've never seen most of the show, but I'm also still firing off stuff about Hollywood in general as well as Abrams' attempt to make Star Trek "sexier" and "edgier."

So join me, won't you?

Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing from you as I delve further into this new format.



  1. Check you out! Of course, I already read this on TU, but congratulations on a new blog!

  2. Thanks Steff! I think this is a good spot for it!